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Originally this skill has been evaluated as a "useless" move by Emperor Odin As long as the strength is higher than the level of the opponent it can completely break the opponent's "sword domain" with force The real reason is that this trick can only be used to bully weaker opponents or opponents with the same strength as themselves When they meet higher-level opponents it is stainless steel toilet totally useless so it will be evaluated as "useless" by Odin For Odin this kind of trick which can not challenge a stronger master than himself is a kind of unenterprising performance-can only bully weaker or equal opponents and is naturally disdained by people like Odin Originally Xia Ya also thought so but he still learned this move from Aslan after all his own martial arts skills are too little even if the "war sword domain" is disdained by Odin God Emperor but how to say is also a strong level of master created stunt for Xia Ya one more skill is better than none Moreover the old Aslan also owed Shaya a lot of favors and had to fulfill his promise to teach Shaya this set of stunts

Of course the reason is that the old Aslan was beaten by Odin God Emperor lost all confidence and he also lost confidence in this move so he would be willing to teach Shaya so easily otherwise he would never be so simple to teach However Xia Ya learned this move and today is the first time to use it in actual combat but did not expect this mysterious opponent in the palace the vision is so sharp! You can see it from your own hand "Aslan" Xia Ya smiled bitterly in her heart but on the surface she said steadily "You didn't win me Why should I answer your question" "Humph!"

There was a spark in the middle-aged man's eyes but it soon subsided His expression became indifferent and suddenly he drew his hand back into his sleeve and raised his eyelids to look at Shaya "You just made a move that was clearly Aslan's way" Is that guy still alive I don't have to answer your question but I can tell you It's a pity that the old man is stainless steel squatting pan still alive and kicking Shaya's answer made the middle-aged man frown Obviously the other party's answer did not have much respect for Aslan so the identity of the other party seemed to have little to do with Aslan Looking at Xia Ya's figure standing in midair although Xia Ya hid his face he was tall and handsome The middle-aged man's heart suddenly moved! In a pair of eyes the pupil contracts suddenly immediately aphonia way "You!"! Are you from Odin Are you Prince Odin Is it Garin or Corcoran Xia Ya is stupefied in the heart however secretly laugh How to guess the identity of Lao Tzu to the son of Odin God emperor to go up But as soon as Tubie's heart moved he immediately gave birth to an idea smiled coldly and pretended to be profound There was some anger in the middle-aged man's tone "Well it seems that you are the son of Hannigan!"! No wonder I don't recognize you! Hum the God emperor clan is really extraordinary you are promoted to the ranks of the strong at a young age! Hum Time Delay Tap I know your God emperor family has always had the tradition of princes looking for the experience of the strong but I advise your Highness after all Osgiliya is the capital of Byzantium and the palace is not a place for your Highness to go in and out at will!

If your Highness has the heart to find the strong experience then I am sorry I do not have that kind of interest to accompany! Your Highness please go and find someone else! Xia Ya was more and more amused and it was obvious that the other party had guessed the fork in the road But Misunderstanding that he is the son of Odin God go out to find the strong experience but also a good cover let him go to guess anyway my uncle Xia Ya does not lose half a piece of meat As for being regarded as the son of Emperor Odin Shaya would not feel it was an insult Anyway he was going to marry the daughter of Emperor Odin Even if he was not his son he was his son-in-law This is the end of the night Your Highness please respect yourself If you spy on the palace again don't blame me for being rude The middle-aged man finished snorted heavily left in a huff and disappeared in the distance with a strong wind

Looking at the way he walked it was obvious that there was a lot of anger in his chest but it seemed that because of his identity as "Prince Odin" he was forced to endure his anger Xia Ya waited until the other party finally disappeared and the smile in his eyes disappeared bit by bit Finally he breathed a long sigh of relief stretched straight body immediately began to tremble a few heavy gasps mouth is a mouthful of blood spurted out along the face of the iron bit by bit into the neck After all he mastered the power of the strong soon stainless steel shower tray forced to display the "war sword domain" you know this kind of sword domain but Aslan that kind of strong spent many years to cultivate things requiring the control and understanding of the power of the strong must reach a certain level in order to create their own sword domain Xia Ya this kind of rookie forced to launch nature is hurt a lot just facing the opponent Can also be forced to endure dare not show half a point of weakness now the opponent retreated Xia Ya finally can not support

With a wry smile Xia Ya felt a dull pain in his chest and heart vomited two mouthfuls of blood gasped for a while and then managed to suppress the churning in his heart But there is not much worry in my heart He knew very well that these guys in the ranks of the strong one more arrogant than the other since they had gone naturally they would not make the move of looking back Damn no wonder Odin said that I want to fully grasp the power of the strong not enough heat I am not allowed to open what he left behind "Sure enough I'm still a little short" Shaya gritted his teeth identified the direction and slowly flew toward the coast Chapter 500 planning Fat Ruhr did not sneak out of the palace directly from the canal as Shaya had expected cnkexin.com

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