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So he stood alone looking at the moon and after a long time suddenly said a word in a low voice "A little worried" Do you want to go back and have a look Another gust of wind made the moon squint When it opened again the spire of the night was empty and there was nothing left Xi Ge never thought that one day he would be chased up and down by a bird and have no way out! But the reality push button toilet flush valve is so cruel The black peacock with a single eyelid contrary to its previous dilly-dallying is as powerful as a powerful pill Its speed is a little faster than that of Xige and its claws are not inferior to the iron fist of the courier Not to mention scratching a dress even scratching a wall is like cutting tofu Face has to be put aside in front of life Xi Ge did not dare to fight with the peacock in the narrow room He quickly got up pulled open the door and ran out In the long corridor the hotel's service staff are pushing the dining car in the direction of the seat song "Get down!"

Cried Xi Ge who was running away rapidly The service staff subconsciously squatted down with their heads in their hands A man stepped on the dining car and flew over his head A bird stepped on the dining car and flew over his head He opened his mouth wide and looked at the people and birds who were far away After a while he came to his senses wiped the footprints on the dining car pretended to be calm and continued to deliver food Xi Ge ran out of the corridor Outside the corridor was the Hanging Garden Someone was coming out of the garden He rushed so fast that he rushed into the Hanging Garden and suddenly felt wrong But it was too late and the peacock behind Urinal Manual Flush Valve him flew out and the masked men and women turned to the song and looked at the bird again There's no way to dodge in this place!

I might as well rush into the aisle! Xi Ge turned around and left The black peacock then turned around and clawed at the other uninjured shoulder of Xige A flash of lightning a flash of cold There are three more blood stains on Xige's shoulder A scream sounded in an instant! The garden was chaotic and the women scrambled to hide behind the men who bravely stood up and called the hotel management while hurrying to protect the women It's just a bird Nobody wants to look useless Although the fighting power of this bird seems a little terrible Hurt again! The veins on Xige's forehead jumped As he ran he warned the Black Peacock "Take it easy You'd better not make me angry or you'll regret it!" Everyone has finished contacting the hotel management The hotel staff is on their way Someone in the garden dared to call out "What's the matter with a bird It doesn't understand" It's a fighting race You can't win Run! He's right

The black peacock did not listen to Xi Ge at all and persistently chased Xi Ge Xi Ge did not dare to run indoors at this time There was an automatic glass door in the sky garden and the room The glass door opened slowly Manual Flush Valve To go that way he had to have three more blood holes on his body He did not want to be so badly hurt for the time being and quickly looked into the garden In the face of danger the crowd was very winking and also quickly separated to the left and right leaving all the middle venues for the song Siko aimed at a long table with a white tablecloth in the middle of the garden He went straight to the table rolled to the ground as he was about to reach it rolled into the bottom of the table and pulled the tablecloth back as he rushed out On the white cloth tableware wine glasses and ice buckets everything flew up and hit the black peacock in disorder There was a flicker of blankness in the black peacock's eyes

The sudden disappearance of the target made it feel a little confused This is the time! The hotel management rushed up with security guards and saw food and tableware flying in disorder in the air as well as black peacocks with food and tableware as the background One of the security guards is a bird shooting expert Without saying a word he raised his pistol and fired at the black peacock's buttocks The sound of breaking through the air whistled The blank eyes of the black peacock became sharp again it flapped its wings and jumped easily dodged the bullet and at the same time turned its eyes to the security guard The bird has become a sperm! Everyone was shocked and sighed with emotion The shooting security guard is looking at the sharp eyes of the black peacock He was so nervous that his hand holding the gun was a little numb and he forgot to shoot the bird again Everything that flies in the sky falls to the ground Xi Ge just rolled out of the white cloth and saw the scene in front of him

Before he could think about it he picked up an apple that had rolled to his side and threw it at the black peacock shouting at the same time "I'm here!" Apple whistles The black peacock waved its wings along the sound and knocked the apple off! I Damn it Has this bird been trained Everyone was shocked twice and sighed twice The enemy met again the black peacock rediscovered the song all Service Sink Faucets the miscellaneous people are not important it immediately locked the song again a flutter of wings suddenly flew Xi Ge got up from the ground The automatic glass door was now open and he did not hesitate to rush into the hotel all the way to the spiral staircase of the hotel

The spiral staircase is spacious and gentle rotating down around the bright crystal lamp hanging in the center Normally no one would walk on this kind of staircase which was a good place for him to chase and run with the black peacock behind him But today Xige was unlucky As soon as he rushed down he saw two children playing games on the stairs Caught off guard Siko's retina captured the image in front of him in a very short time He saw a little girl in a little white gauze dress The little girl was wearing a pair of little red shoes with ribbons He saw a little boy in a black suit with a remote control plane in his hand He even saw their wide eyes their open mouths and the little freckles and fuzz on their faces Is this the best vision a vampire can have There was a flash of thought in Xi Ge's mind He stopped and did not rush in the direction of the little boy or girl It was this pause that caught up with the black peacock behind him whose two claws were deeply clasped into the back of the song like two blades of a knife! Xi Ge trembled all over and continued his movements He turned his forward thrust to the left and slammed into the huge window of the hotel There was a loud crash cnkexin.com

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