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The knife had cut three feet into the throat of the target but the hand of the killer snake suddenly stopped and the green eyes bulged out How much did the Grand Master give you In the hands of the imperial envoy there was a thick stack of silver tickets Holding a handful of silver tickets in one hand Xia Yubing looked at the killer with a calm look "No matter how much he gives you I can give you double" The killer snake could hardly believe his eyes The imperial palace was simple and plain In the study apart from the books on the four Stainless Steel Shower Tray walls there was only a harp and a few pieces The lamp was broken and there was nothing But the incorruptible imperial envoy just raised his hand and took out a large roll of brand-new silver tickets from the secret compartment! "Ten one hundred thousand" Seeing that stack of silver tickets the flames in the killer's eyes ignited feeling unable to wield a knife at so much silver his throat trembled and he answered with some difficulty I'll give you two hundred thousand Without thinking about it Xia Yubing took out an unopened letter from the secret compartment opened the letter face to face pulled out another stack of silver tickets added them to the original stack of silver tickets and put them on the desk

The brand-new silver ticket had obviously never been used-on the newly opened envelope the words "Taoyuan Chief Yao Siwei respectfully" were written And the dark grille under the guqin I don't know how many such gifts from the Stainless Steel Squatting Pan officials below Although he was a killer who licked blood with a knife head and was used to seeing the ups and downs of life and death the snake was still stunned by the change in front of him Zhang Tai Yu Shi Xia Yubing the incorruptible and upright imperial envoy in the mouth of the common people all over the world is also such a corrupt official who collects money He looks so upright and honest on the outside but he has received so many bribes and black gold behind his back

When the lamp went out the killer snake hesitated to pick up the stack of silver tickets put them in his hand and looked at them Sure enough they were real silver tickets which could be exchanged by any bank on the land of Yunhuang He stretched out his slender tongue and licked his cracked upper lip He couldn't help laughing proudly He took it into his arms and looked at the imperial envoy of Zhang Tai in front of him Under the lamp Xia Yubing's expression was as cold as ice and snow and his eyebrows did not move in the face of the killing God and he was calm and indifferent Such a hypocrite Instead the killer snake was stunned and suddenly he couldn't help laughing and there was contempt and anger in his eyes that he couldn't hide-even he had been deceived Unexpectedly like those ordinary people he thought that this young imperial envoy of Zhangtai was a rare honest and upright official! "I'll take your money but I'll take the grand master's hundred thousand yuan too!" In the evil laughter the killer's knife brazenly cut the imperial envoy again approaching

"It's all dirty money anyway I don't mind taking a little more!" The blade was close to the unarmed Xia Yubing and the papers on his desk were blown by the knife turning the pages and scattering all over the study A scholar seemed to be petrified by the killer's capriciousness He sat on the edge of the case without dodging The killer approached his side grabbed his skirt with his thin arm and put a knife to his thin neck The killer snake sneered licked his upper lip with his slender red tongue touched the joint of his neck bone with one hand raised his knife glanced at a stack of silver tickets in one dark compartment and flashed a look of ecstasy Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo This ticket can make a lot of money As soon as he thought of this his green eyes suddenly bulged out and his face was contorted with pain

The bright dagger pierced the killer's lower abdomen like lightning and the long fingers of the imperial envoy were dyed red by the spurting blood However Xia Yubing did not hesitate to grasp the hilt of the sword and twist it hard When the killer subconsciously loosened the blade in pain and fell down with a bang he pulled the sword out of his abdomen and put it back into his sleeve Looking at the disemboweled and struggling killer Xia Yubing's face was pale and cold "I'm sorry I can't die now" You you have a sword with you You Do you know martial arts Incredibly looking at the weak scholar the killer hissed but his voice gradually weakened his withered hands and feet kept twitching blood flowing all over the ground dyeing the scattered books red It's just that sword Xia Yubing wiped the blood on the sword lowered his head and said lightly He raised his eyebrows and murmured disappointedly "Although I am not the material to learn martial arts at all after all I have been taught for so long"

” "Ah" The killer snake twitched at the corners of his mouth grinned gasped for breath before dying and curled up into a ball "That's it that's it" The man who has been secretly guarding you If it weren't for the disciple of Kensei you you would have been "What did you say!" The imperial envoy who had never changed his color before the collapse of Mount Tai finally turned pale when he heard such words and blurted out "You say" Is Kensei's disciple working as a shadow guard Hen has been with me all the time Why didn't I know I don't know! The Stainless Steel Toilet China calm imperial envoy could no longer control the change of his complexion He rushed forward and pulled up the dying killer and asked urgently You see outside the window outside the window is not- "belly broken intestines flow killer" snake "body like a snake rolling and twisting groaning intermittent answers Xia Yubing really did not want to raised his head and looked at the open window At that moment deceiving the other side of the line of sight the snake's mouth suddenly spit out a thin line of red straight into the throat of the imperial envoy-it is not his slender tongue but hidden in the dark needle under the tongue Even if you miss you have to take the other side's head to the afterlife!

The young imperial envoy looked out of the window his eyes stagnant and unaware However at that moment a thin "ding" and a white light swept in cutting the poisonous needle into two parts and nailing the killer snake to the ground Who Who is it In the last glimpse of the killer snake's life a man in black was caught in the rain outside the open window in the dark night "Ah" Xia Yubing's eyes rested on the silver-white sword that ran through the killer's chest apparently recognizing this style of sword The corners of the imperial envoy's mouth moved blurted out a low cry and looked out of the window with surprise and joy What a close call! I just caught it The man in black quietly swept into the room pulled off his hood raised his hand and pulled up the sword nailed on the corpse He turned the hilt of the sword and showed the word "yuan" engraved on it to the other side He answered "I am Zunyuan the first disciple of Kensei and the elder brother of Mu" 。 cnkexin.com

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