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I am the biggest loveliness in the stars--Zhe Mei yuan Shan
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Professor Tan who was coming out of the operating room asked Sewell "How is Mian Mian" Professor Tan nodded slightly "The Duchess and the two little royal Highnesses are in good condition" Behind him Tu Mianmian who had not yet woken up after the operation was lying on the bed and the nurse robot was sent to the ward beside the bed Sewell breathed a sigh of relief and his heart Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl which had been frightened by Tu Mian Mian settled down in an instant As he walked beside the hospital bed and passed the mechanical gestational sac instrument the nurse robot tentatively called out "Your Royal Highness Duke" Shivelton turned to look at her The nurse robot smiled "Would you like to have a look at your royal Highnesses" "What am I looking at" Sewell glanced at the mechanical gestational sac device with a faint expression

"They put it where they should" Then he went back to the hospital bed ……” The nurse robot sighed Alas the two little royal Highnesses don't seem to carry much weight with their father - After sleeping for more than half an hour in the ward he opened his eyes in a daze after the effect of the medicine had passed Mian Mian Tu Mianmian heard someone calling him turned his head and saw Sewell watching him beside the hospital bed Uh Tu Mian Mian had not yet woken up completely and answered vaguely Sewell helped Tu Mianmian tuck in the corner of the quilt kissed him on the cheek and asked softly "Is there anything uncomfortable" Tu Mian Mian tilted his head and felt it Apart from the sudden loss of weight in the abdomen and some slight discomfort there is no other feeling

This is the benefit of the Prison toilet for sale skyrocketing level of medical care in the Star Age Tu Mian Mian only needs to be observed in the hospital for 24 hours and after there is no physical abnormality she can go home And in these twenty-four hours the Duke did all the things that served him not by the hands of others but by himself Wash Tu Mian Mian Foot Feed the picture feed the picture As for twins in a mechanical gestational sac The Duke did not ask and his eyes were full of his little husband · "Alas" Anderson's butler closed the door of the ward to isolate the picture of the Duke's affection inside He kept sighing "What should I do Your Royal Highness and your wife don't care much about the two little royal Highnesses" The young father and father seem to be not very reliable Now Madame and your Highness are in the same hospital and of course they can only see each other Judy comforted him by saying "Your royal Highnesses are all in the Duke's house not in front of your Highness and your wife"

"When your ladyship and your Highness return to the Duke's Palace and can get close contact with the little royal Highnesses there will be parent-child interaction" Judy said Stainless Steel Prison Toilet Butler Anderson thought for a moment nodded and was reluctantly convinced Chapter 63 extra chapter 2 Tu Mianmian stayed in the hospital for 24 hours after the operation After the examination it was confirmed that there was no problem with his health and he was released by the hospital and returned to the Duke's mansion He's back to the beautiful young rabbit he used to be!

Tu Mian Mian is very happy It feels good not to have to be a pregnant husband The nursing team no longer has a lot of restrictions on the figure Make don't be restricted Make outgoing activities Parkour will no longer be banned Declaring the liberation Tu Mian Mian was driven on a roller coaster by the Duke and became an extremely adventurous Explorer Rabbit After several days of happy relaxation it was not until he saw the dynamic report on the Star Network that he moved the fetus into the mechanical gestational sac that he realized that he had two babies "" Tu Mian Mian sat on the sofa and turned the Duke beside him with his elbow "Have you been to see the baby recently" Sewell "…" Sewell lowered his head and kissed his husband on the forehead "I've only seen you as a baby" "Ha ha ha ha" Picture Mian Mian akimbo smirking After laughing he stopped his voice and muttered "I don't know what happened to the two little bastards" Sewell shook his head and had nothing to say His mind was on Tu Mian Mian and he never went to see the two sons in the mechanical gestational sac Yes two sons The fetal characteristics can already tell the sex Anderson's housekeeper had told him of his two sons

Tu Mian Mian thought about it and felt that he should do his duty as a father He proposed happily "Then let's go and see them in the afternoon!" "Good" Sewell did everything according to the little husband without objection and nodded yes - Why go to see it in the afternoon Because it's time for lunch Tu Mian Mian and Sewell moved the battlefield from the living room sofa to the dining room table After saying goodbye to the healthy meal during pregnancy the dishes on the table are more abundant than before Spicy and stimulating food is Stainless Steel Trough Urinal also served on the table again for the sake of enjoying the delicious food happily As he was fed by the Duke he opened his light brain to read the latest comments on the Star Network Most of the discussion on Starnet is about twins Today I saw the news that the two little royal Highnesses moved into the mechanical gestational sac to conceive! Congratulations to Mianmian for liberating herself! And congratulations to His Royal Highness for liberating himself [I suspect I'm driving upstairs and the wheels are rolling over my face] [I've been wondering if I'm going to have a natural birth before and today is the news]

I want to see the appearance of the two little royal Highnesses but I don't know if I can take a picture and publish it Manual Aite @ Tu Mianmian] Picture Mian Mian clicked into Aite shook jio after reading the content and replied- [No] He still remembered the ugly appearance of the twins during the pregnancy test This ugly appearance is still posted out and he can't lose his fans Picture Mian Mian is a father for the first time and he is full of plastic father-son love for his two babies On Starnet the fans who were rejected suddenly cried They think that the reason why the picture of the fetus is not published is to protect the unborn fetus There was no entanglement and after crying he went on to the next topic All right if you can't look at the pictures QAQ then I'll look at Mian Mian more every day cnkexin.com

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