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cei realize that this Taiyi Zhenren was the archenemy of the Tianhe Sword Sect and that he had been destroyed by the founder of the Tianhe Sword Sect He could not help but hesitate He thought to himself "Seeing that Wu Niang and he still have a harmonious relationship it is estimated that I will not want to suppress him any more My ability is not very helpful If I were an ordinary Time Delay Tap monk I would still be able to argue with Meng Dashao" This Taiyi Zhenren is the younger brother of Qing Di one of the nine scattered immortals Is his magic power at least not lost to the ghost ancestor Xu Wan Even if slightly inferior than the ghost pawn Xu Wan it should not be much worse than the blood river people gathered by the nine Fen Shen after all the blood river people were fed by Guo Songyang Zhenren but Taiyi Zhenren had fought with Guo Zushi in those years Jiao Fei's mind turned but Taiyi Zhenren had already shouted wildly The magic power on his body was uncertain The door of Xuanzang and the golden bridge of life and death emerged together

The magic power of the two primordial gods was unified and Taoism rushed straight to the realm of the primordial gods When Taiyi Zhenren's magic power rose again Wu Niang intentionally released the ban and Jingkou Shanhe Ding could no longer detain the side door Sanxian Taiyi Zhenren gave a clear drink and the whole person turned into two golden and white Self-closing Faucet lights breaking through the mountain and river tripod When Meng Mantra saw this he was greatly frightened He hurriedly said to Jiao Fei "How could this man have two kinds of primordial spirits" This is different from the Fen Shen of the primordial spirit There is no such reason in the world Zan smiled and said "What's so strange about that" The roots and feet of Taiyi Zhenren are the ancient lotus flowers one gold and one white so they can become two kinds of Dan two kinds of Tao fruit and two kinds of primordial spirit

This is a natural magical power You can't learn it but it's not surprising However Taiyi Zhenren has been pressed by your Tianhe Sword Sect for thousands of years He finally got the chance to restore his original magic power He is sure to be angry Don't provoke him Jiao Fei said with a wry smile "The magic power of Taiyi Zhenren is unparalleled How dare we the younger generation of Qi refining provoke him" As Jiao Fei was speaking the two golden and white lights had tilted down like a long river waterfall and the golden and white lights turned into a young Taoist with a white robe and a golden armor The white-robed and feather-crowned young Taoist with a thousand-petal white lotus under his feet and a looming door behind him stepped out and there was a sense of time passing white foal passing and scene interlacing The golden armor God will be a golden bridge although the hand also does not take any weapon but there is an overwhelming murderous look forcing people between the eyebrows cold Jiao Fei knew that this was the appearance of the Dharma body of Taiyi Zhenren He quickly congratulated him saying

"It's really gratifying that the elder has finally got out of trouble" Taiyi Zhenren waved his hand and said lightly "If it hadn't been for you I would never have been able to get away Wu Niang chose you in those years You were really a discerning person I'm not as good as her Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin " Tai Yi had been trapped for many years and had never sacrificed any treasures in those years and now he had no gift to thank so he transferred these golden fire ants to him After I got out of trouble my magic power was restored and he was no longer needed This thing has been placed on the primordial spirit by me for many years and it has long become a climate It has been refined into a special magic weapon by me It is wonderful to defend oneself against the enemy especially to gather pride freely which is the most difficult to defend

As soon as Taiyi Zhenren pointed his hand the endless gnawing golden fire ant flew out and condensed into a red pill in front of Jiao Fei which fell into his palm Jiao Fei took one look and knew that the red pill was composed of countless gold-gnawing fire ants and then a mysterious and incomparable method came into his mind which was the supreme method to control the gold-gnawing fire ants Jiao Fei couldn't help smiling bitterly in his heart He thought to himself "I didn't expect that now I have become a true disciple and I Time Delay Faucet still have to hook up with the enemy in the door" Very easy to solve the blue plough teacher that thing here too easy real person thing but how to teach real person to explain Taiyi real person white lotus Dharma body did not pay attention to Jiao Fei but the eyes to see Meng Kuan Meng Dashao to see the heart hair Jiao Fei afraid of Taiyi real person hand Meng Kuan killed

Just as he was about to stop him Taiyi Zhenren spoke slowly and said "Are you a disciple of the Zhushan Sect" Under whose door "My disciple is a disciple of Master Cha Shuangying" said Meng Kuan hurriedly Taiyi Zhenren said with a smile "Yes yes If I hadn't been suppressed for so many years Zha Shuangying would be no match for me now" But now that I've wasted a thousand years it's hard to say whether I can still beat Cha Shuangying Although there are many orthodoxies in the Seven Phoenix Realm only the magic of Taibai Sword Sect and Wuzhuang Temple can be compared with that of Zhushan Sect and other Taoists are inferior Seeing that Jiao Fei was somewhat unconvinced the Jinxian Dharma Body of Taiyi Zhenren said with a smile "Your Tianhe Sword Sect may not be inferior to the Zhushan Sect or even better than the Zhushan Sect in the way of achieving the primordial spirit but it is still powerful in the competition of magic" If you don't have so many magic weapons you are absolutely no match for Self-closing Shower Valve this little fat man Jiao Fei slightly thought although still not convinced but think of Meng Kuan's two gas cut soul throwing knife he really has no magic to resist also had to sigh and say "The magic of Zhushan religion is really powerful" Taiyi Zhenren laughed and said "Magic is powerful

How can it win people's hearts" The heart is strong how to remember the luck is strong At that time I challenged Guo Laogui At that time everyone was equal in Taoism and Dharma I refined the two primordial spirits and collected the golden fire ants I asked myself to press him Who knew that your Tianhe Sword Sect could get the mountain and river tripod That battle lost too miserably I do not want to mention even now if I can not find a pure Yang magic weapon or fight the young and old two of the Guo family Taiyi Zhenren pointed to Meng Kuan and said "You have two choices now One is to let me kill you No one can stop me now and your master has no time to save you" The second is to let me plant the big curse of locking the soul and from now on I can't leak it otherwise life and death will depend on my heart Jiao Fei hurriedly said "Meng Kuan and I have a great friendship Taiyi Zhenren for my sake don't embarrass him" Meng Kuan will never say anything about it cnkexin.com

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